Chalgrove Primary School

Chalgrove Primary School
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Science Curriculum Intent & Implementation Statement

 In Chalgrove School, we want our children to build up the essential characteristics of a scientist. We want them to have an excellent knowledge of scientific skills; a passion for the subject, a real sense of curiosity about the world around us; an extensive base of scientific knowledge and vocabulary and the ability to express well-balanced ideas about current and contemporary issues in society and the environment such as climate change and the plastic crisis.

The 3 main outcomes are:
• To investigate questions posed through planning and carrying out investigations.
• To build up scientific knowledge.
• To communicate scientifically.

Our science curriculum is taught based upon a creative, cross-curricular approach where opportunities are taken to teach scientific skills and knowledge as per the National Curriculum. Every opportunity is taken to reference scientific information through stories, cross-curricular approaches, trips out and our own unique environment as a school. Distinctive, individually - based science led topics such as space and forces are also taught across the school and year groups. We also create opportunities based upon our own diverse, distinctive and unique school population which links us to the wider world. Children acquire scientific skills, knowledge and vocabulary through the teaching of these topics and lessons through a range of active, investigative and outdoor opportunities.