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Chalgrove Primary School
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"Hands on Science"


Thursday 25th January 2024


Get ready for an exciting school science workshop tomorrow! We have "Hands On Science" coming in to make our day full of curiosity and discovery. Here's what each year group will do:

Year 2: "Why do some things float?" In Year 2, we'll explore why things float using fun and simple experiments. We'll learn about what makes objects float and discover the science behind it.

Year 3: "Lovely Light" Year 3 will dive into the world of light. We'll explore colours, light absorption, and lasers through hands-on experiments. Each child will make their colour spinner to take home.

Year 4: "Surprising Sounds" For Year 4, we'll investigate sounds and vibrations. We'll learn how sounds are made, their pitch, and volume. We'll also discover animal hearing and ultrasound.

Year 5: "Kitten Rescue" Year 5 will have a blast with "Kitten Rescue." We'll use fair tests and everyday materials to revive a virtual kitten. It's filled with captivating experiments that spark our imaginations.

Year 6: "Circulation and Heart Dissection" In Year 6, we'll explore the heart and circulation. We'll learn about heart functions, blood circulation, and even dissect a lamb's heart. We'll discuss heart health and surgical repairs.

Rest assured, all workshops are supervised and safe, and there's no testing on live animals. It's a unique learning experience that makes science come to life!This page is awaiting content