Chalgrove Primary School

Chalgrove Primary School
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Skipping Workshop 09/05/24

Yesterday was an extraordinary day at our school, as we hosted the Skip2Bfit Skipping Workshops. It was a unique experience, not just because of the skipping but because of the fantastic approach they brought to motivate us all – children and staff alike!

Skip2Bfit is quite special in how they combine exercise with motivation. They use specially designed skipping ropes that aren't just any old ropes; these ones have built-in counters and can be adjusted to fit each of us perfectly. This personal touch meant that everyone could join in comfortably, making the challenge of hitting our Personal Bests all the more thrilling.

The counters on the ropes were a great hit! They pushed us to do our best, turning a simple exercise into a personal challenge and making every skip count. It was inspiring to see everyone so engaged, trying to outdo their previous scores.

But the excitement didn't stop there. After we'd all worked up a sweat skipping, we were treated to fresh blueberries. It was a delicious way to emphasize the importance of healthy eating, aligning perfectly with the workshop's message of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

This event wasn't just fun; it was impactful. It's no wonder Skip2Bfit has been mentioned in OFSTED Reports. Their approach to combining physical education with personal growth and healthy habits is something I think we'll all remember for a long time.